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Kanye West Is Teaching a Class at L.A. Trade Technical College

As part of his mandated community service after a 2013 paparazzi scuffle, Kanye West has started teaching at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, known for its courses in fashion design and technology. He's got 250 hours to slog through, but this doesn't really seem like the worst punishment? Kanye at the front of a classroom, departing all of that genius onto a crowd of eager young minds? We'd all be so lucky to graduate with a concentration in 'Ye.

Woman Hit by Bike in Central Park Dies

Jill Tarlov, the 59-year-old struck by a swerving cyclist on Thursday in Central Park, has passed away. CBS, where Tarlov's husband works as an executive, released a statement: "As we mourn the loss of our friend and console Mike and his family, we are committed to doing what we can to bring greater public awareness of the perils of unsafe and distracted driving by motorists and cyclists that endangers pedestrians. Far too many people have been killed or seriously injured on our streets." The rider has not been charged.

Michael Bloomberg Would Much Rather Be the Boss Than a Boyfriend

Wry as ever, Michael Bloomberg is back to quipping in public, thank God. Speaking this morning at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit, because he only participates in things that have his name in them these days, the bored ex-mayor said he's taking over his eponymous company again because "the alternative, in my case, is staying home and talking to Diana about feelings."

"If that doesn't get you back to work, I don't know what would!" he added. (Women, am I right? plays perfectly at something called the Most Influential Summit.)


Rikers Island Violence Even Worse Than Previously Thought

Last month, a federal investigation that found a "deep-seated culture of violence"  and "a pervasive climate of fear" surrounding adolescent inmates at Rikers Island — truly horrifying, revolting stuff — may not have even covered the full extent of it. According to a report in today's New York Times, a "confidential" internal report was scrubbed of "375 incidents that should have been logged as fights," and only a "sanitized" version was handed over to the local U.S. attorney's office for use in its civil rights probe.

The men who were blamed for the omissions in the original report — warden William Clemons and deputy warden Turhan Gumusdere — were not punished, but promoted. 


Saul Alinsky Secretly Controls Hillary Clinton, Too

Saul Alinsky is a real person who had a real intellectual influence on the young lives of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both of whom studied his advice for politically organizing the poor and marginal. But the Saul Alinsky who has registered in American politics is a shadowy bogeyman rather than an actual figure, whose name symbolizes a deeper belief on the right that Obama lies far outside the American historical tradition and has kept his true, radical motives almost completely hidden throughout his political career.


15 Voices From the People’s Climate March

People's Climate March organizers estimate nearly 400,000 people from across the globe made the 50-block trek from the Museum of Natural History, through Times Square, to the Javits Center yesterday to raise attention around environmental issues on the eve of the U.N. Climate Summit. Marchers banged drums, twirled flags, danced through the streets, sang dirges, and put a new spin on old protest favorites. (One, Two, Three, Four, climate change is class war.)

The concerns — pollution in the Gowanus Canal, uranium in the Black Hills, dying lions — were as diverse as the crowd. Daily Intelligencer caught up with marchers to find out what got them out of bed and into the street on a Sunday morning. 


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