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The Williamsburg Fire Is Still Burning

The seven-alarm fire that engulfed a Williamsburg warehouse on Saturday morning is still burning. The New York Times reports that, "About 275 firefighters were on the scene on Saturday night, and units had been switching out about every three hours." "This is going to smolder for quite some time," said FDNY Chief of Department James Leonard. No members of the FDNY have been injured so far, though one civilian was treated for smoke inhalation.


De Blasio Should Never Have Been Allowed to Hold That Poor Groundhog in the First Place

In case you somehow forgot, Mayor de Blasio dropped the Staten Island Zoo's groundhog on Groundhog Day last year, and then the groundhog died. (Was it murder? Was there a cover-up? These questions remain hotly contested.) The zoo has since decided to bar mayors from holding groundhogs during the annual weather forecasting ritual — and they'd better make sure they stick to that policy. In an article recalling last year's grisly episode, The Wall Street Journal revealed that the USDA recently determined that "the zoo violated the federal Animal Welfare Act in 2014. The agency cited the use of an 'untrained person' to handle the groundhog." The fallout just won't stop.


ISIS Appears to Have Executed Japanese Journalist

A video that purportedly shows ISIS's beheading of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto was posted online on Saturday. While the authenticity of the recording hasn't been officially confirmed, it closely resembles previous execution videos released by the extremist group. The video also seems to feature "Jihadi John," the British terrorist responsible for the deaths of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and other Islamic State hostages.


Dame Helen Mirren Shows You How to Ride the Subway

So, remember how Tom Hanks just, like, lounged around the New York City subway like a house cat? Well, here is Dame Helen Mirren, spotted by an Instagram user who kept their wits about them, demonstrating exceptional subway etiquette. Even though there is clearly ample space around her, Mirren has her bag on her lap, and she is not weird about sitting next to another human being. (More often than not, it is the gesture of creating space that is important.) And we would just like to note that her coat game is. On. Point. The MTA should just ditch its courtesy ads for this photo of La Mirren.

Jeb Bush Totally Smoked Weed at Andover

High school was more a time of academic troubles and smoking than political awakening for presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, according to a new profile of his time at the Phillips Academy in Andover published in the Boston Globe. According to the piece, Bush "straddled the line between jock and freak" in his sophomore dorm: He was good at tennis but smoked marijuana and drank on the regular, even though those actions were punishable by expulsion at the school. "The first time I really got stoned was in Jeb's room," classmate Peter Tibbetts told the paper. "He had a portable stereo with removable speakers. He put on Steppenwolf for me." (Bush himself admits these transgressions, saying such behavior was "pretty common" at the school.)


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