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Brooklyn Teacher Accused of Horrible Sex Crimes Against Students Once Allegedly Beat Up an 11-Year-Old

At this point, it seems obvious that Sean Shaynak should not have been around kids. The 44-year-old aeronautics teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School was arraigned yesterday on 36 sexual-abuse charges involving six girls, ages 13 to 19, allegations that bubbled up after he was arrested for Snapchatting a different student a dirty picture. But today, the New York Times has another upsetting story of a different kind, from before Shaynak started teaching: In 2005, he had a restraining order filed against him in Maryland after allegedly wailing on a child.


The Lessons of the Dallas Ebola Case

The Texas Ebola patient, a Liberian national named Thomas Eric Duncan, was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on Sunday night, where he has since been kept in isolation. At a press conference this afternoon, hospital and public health officials explained that Duncan had first sought care in the hospital's emergency room a few days earlier, late on Thursday night, though his symptoms had not been very specific then. During that first visit, an emergency nurse asked him whether he had traveled anywhere recently, a question meant to screen for Ebola exposure, and Duncan replied that he had just come from Liberia. "Regretfully that information was not fully communicated" to the rest of the medical team, the hospital chief executive said today, and Duncan was sent home, with a diagnosis of a "low-grade fever from a viral infection." By the end of the weekend, he was back.


The World Is a Pretty Fair Place, According to Rich People

How bad a problem is inequality? Are working-class people getting screwed? Should we raise taxes on the rich? Is the United States, in short, a fundamentally unfair place? These are the questions that keep awake policy analysts and fuel endless dinner-party debates. But there's one group that is not losing very much sleep over them: rich folks.


Secret Service Director Resigns Over Terrible Protection of the President

Julia Pierson is out as the director of the Secret Service following story after story in recent days about the agency's shocking incompetency, including the one about a man running wild through the White House with a knife. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced her predictable exit in a statement: Today, Pierson "offered her resignation, and I accepted it," he said. "I salute her 30 years of distinguished service to the Secret Service and the Nation."

ISIS Is Using Darren Aronofsky’s Noah for Recruitment

While promoting his ark epic Noah earlier this year, director Darren Aronofsky said the flood myth “belongs to all of us – every religion, every culture, every citizen of planet Earth.” It seems his words found an unintentional audience in the design team over at Dabiq, the Western-aimed recruiting magazine put out by the terrorist group ISIS.

“I was going to say I don’t think anyone is going to use Noah to recruit people to become true believers and go out and kill people,” said the director in a discussion at the New Museum Visionaries Series last night. “Although I just found out that ISIS, in their newsletter, is using imagery from my movie to make a point.”


Maybe the Boston Herald Cartoonist’s Dumb Watermelon Joke Was Just a Mistake

The cartoon above ran in today’s Boston Herald. Like the vast majority of editorial cartoons, it’s pretty dumb. Unlike the vast majority, it has been widely denounced and (sort of) apologized for, on account of its boneheaded choice of toothpaste flavors.

Obviously, using watermelon as the punch line was a terrible idea. The question is whether something worse than an inadvertent slip-up is at work here. Ta-Nehisi Coates says yes, there was:


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